Discover fairytale castles, historic vineyards and the stunning remnant of a world frozen over with glaciers, Italy’s Lake Como, as part of this all-encompassing Rhine River Wine Cruise and land fantasy. Start by spending time in Italy’s haven for the rich and famous, Lake Como. Continue on to Basel before crossing the border into France’s Alsace region in enchanting Strasbourg where you will have the opportunity to sample the distinctive Alsatian white wines.. Then it’s off to Germany, where you’ll discover not only the grand city of Cologne and its Kölsch beer, but charming villages like the winemaking hamlet of Rüdesheim and the university town of Heidelberg, known for its Great Vat of wine. You’ll also enjoy cruising through the UNESCO-designated Rhine Gorge, where 40 castles are strung like pearls along the riverbanks. Conclude your cruise by exploring the canal-laden city of Amsterdam, with its neat rows of buildings and rich history. Encompassing the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy, as well as iconic iconic landmarks, majestic mountain landscapes, and special lectures and tastings on board, this distinctive host-led Wine Cruise itinerary is truly a dream come true.