Avalon Waterways Fresh and Local Dining

When you travel on an Avalon Waterways’ river cruise, every meal is prepared with fresh and local ingredients. And when we say fresh, we really mean it; each recipe is inspired by the region through which you’re travelling and the ingredients are sourced from local farms and producers.

Introducing… Avalon Fresh®

‘Bringing amazing to your plate’

Avalon Fresh® introduces healthy meal options to your holiday... and we’re not talking about boring and tasteless options.

These healthier options are exclusively created in collaboration with Austrian chefs Leo and Karl Wrenkh, leaders in the emerging healthy dining movement. Leo & Karl believe that ‘taste comes first’ and this is reflected in Avalon Fresh®; exclusive creative recipes that showcase the local cuisine and beautiful landscapes, through clean & surprising flavours… with a dash of innovation.

What’s more… you can enjoy your meals in various settings onboard; Al fresco lunch at the Sky Bistro, a light dinner in the Panorama Bistro, or à la carte waiter service in the elegant dining room – which, might I add, is fitted with panoramic windows to ensure you’ll never miss the spectacular river views!

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