A River Cruiser’s Guide to the River Moselle

Moselle River

Since the Moselle is a tributary of the river Rhine it comes as no surprise that its river banks are filled with picturesque medieval architecture and charming villages! From its source in the Vosges Mountains above France’s Lorraine region, the Moselle flows 545km across North-eastern France, through Luxemburg and Western Germany, passing quaint hillside towns and historic wineries along the way. Along the river banks of the Moselle they have been producing wine since the Roman occupation; one moment you’re gliding past the steep vineyards, the next you’re arriving in another beautiful wine village!

Highlights of a Moselle River Cruise

Found at the heart of the Mosel wine producing region, Trier is not only the Principal city of the Moselle Valley but is also the oldest city in Germany! Best known for its Roman past, Trier is a treasure trove of Roman Ruins! While in Trier Visit Porta Nigra – one of the best preserved and most important Roman structures in Germany! Also known as the ‘black gate’, they are the only city gates from the original four that still stand! Although it has become a church, there is not much to see inside and so if you do visit I recommend you take a look at the view from the top!

Aside from the famous ruins, Trier has a lively market square, Hauptmarkt – it is the centre of Trier market by a replica of the original Stone Cross!

Wander the historic centre of Koblenz, through delightful squares and down the quaint hidden passageways and discover one of the most beautiful and oldest towns in Germany!! While in Koblenz you may have the choice to visit Ehrenbreistein Fortress, Europes second largest preserved Fortress! This fortress was part of the Prussian defences against the French in the 19th Century and was later used in WWII as the headquarters for the American Military. Ehrenbreitstein Fortress sits 118 metres above the river – offering stunning views of both the Moselle and the Rhine!

Bernkastel is a pretty old town full of history and culture, with a focus on the fountain of St Michael. Surrounding the delightful cobbled market square is a unique collection of medieval half-timbered houses, many dating from the 15th century! Perhaps the most famous of them all is the ‘Pointed House’, known for its narrow and small structure! Whilst visiting Bernkastel be sure to enjoy a glass of local wine – some of the finest wines produced in Germany are found in Bernkastel!

When to go?

Most river cruise lines operate along the Moselle from March to October. If you are looking to travel during the warmest months then look for itineraries during June, July and August!

Who is a Moselle river cruise for?

The Moselle is a must for wine lovers!! But also is a great itinerary for culture vultures!

Cruise lines that operate on the Moselle

Since the Moselle is a tributary of the Rhine it is most commonly combined with a river cruise along the Rhine! Because of its popularity, there are many river cruise lines that operate along the Moselle including Avalon Waterways, AmaWaterways, Riviera Travel River Cruises and Scenic Tours River Cruises. Your choice will most likely come down to available dates and personal preference! Each operator has its own unique selling point, for example, Avalon Waterways include a personal VIP Chauffeur service which is a door to door transfer at the beginning and end of your cruise.

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