Why Upgrade To A French-Balcony

Okay, so the difference between a window and a French balcony may seem pretty obvious… but if you have never experienced a river cruise you may not understand the complete difference between a cabin with a window and a cabin with a French balcony!

Image Shows Positioning of Staterooms on River Ship

Cabin Positioning & Your View

Let’s start with the position of the cabin….There are commonly three ‘decks’ of cabins on a river ship; the lowest grade of cabin on most river cruise lines is actually below the waterline – you still have a window but it is usually a small round porthole or a half size window (see image below).

Cabin With a Window

Emerald Waterways Stateroom

Not only does the level of the window mean that you are unable to open it… but it also restricts your view! As you would expect, a higher deck allows you to see further along the river banks and admire the stunning views! Unfortunately in a stateroom where your window is small and only inches above the waterline your view usually consists of only the river banks – not to mention when the ship docks at each port of call, the windows on the lower deck are often covered by the dock or the riverbank!

French Balcony Cabin

Now take a look at a standard French Balcony cabin in the image below. It is worth mentioning that a French balcony does not consist of a step out veranda; a French balcony is usually a floor to ceiling sliding door/window that opens to a safety rail. (If you would prefer a step out veranda, you need to upgrade to a full balcony stateroom).

Avalon Waterways Panorama Suite

You will first see that not only are the windows floor to ceiling, but the cabin is a deck above – both of these factors equate to a better and more impressive, panoramic view of the stunning scenery!  And even better… the windows open, bringing the outside in!! What can be better than relaxing in bed with your French balcony open – taking in the awesome views of the medieval castles and historic towns that pass you by – I must admit it’s rather tranquil listening to the river as you glide smoothly along!

Of course, it all comes down to personal preference... how much time are you going to spend in your cabin? Are you interested in a panoramic view of the scenery?

If you are struggling to decide our river cruise experts will provide their honest advice from their personal experiences onboard!

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