What is the Best River Cruise Line

Best Cruise Line

What is the best river cruise line? This is a tough question.

Best for what? With so much choice and so much quality you really do have to break this down to what it is you are looking for from your river cruise holiday. River cruises are essentially escorted tours on water and it is a very competitive market place.

Riviera Travel

In 2014 Riviera Travel has been awarded Which? Recommended Provider for the third year in a row. So you could argue they are the best river cruise line. We at RiverCruising.co.uk certainly haven’t received any complaints from our clients.


Riviera Travel is virtually 100% British guests, probably comparable to a P&O Cruises ocean cruise. Therefore, if you are looking for an award winning river cruise line that is very BritishRiviera Travel is my recommendation. View our cruises – click here

AMA Waterways

Consistently good! Delivering on their promises of a 4 star plus river cruise experience has catapulted AMA Waterways into the No. 1 spot in the Berlitz Guide to River Cruising with an overall score of 422. Not only that, but AMA Waterways occupies 1o other spots in the top 20 river cruise lines, something to be extremely proud of.


In the book, Douglas Ward details that AMA Waterways “spends more on their food and wine and also their service training than almost any other river cruise line.”

If you are looking for consistently good service across the fleet – AMA Waterways is my recommendation. View our cruises – click here

Great Rail Journeys

Although Great Rail Journeys are not a river cruise operator in the true sense, they are however a tour operator that provides the perfect solution for those who want to take a river cruise without having to fly.


Great Rail work with most of the popular & award winning, river cruise lines – offering rail from your local station including transfers from the stations in Europe to your ship on arrival.

We at RiverCruising.co.uk work closely with Great Rail Journeys and if you are looking for a great alternative to a no flying ocean cruise out of Southampton – Great Rail Journeys is my recommendation. View our cruises – click here

Scenic Tours - All Inclusive

This is a phrase that makes most people think “expensive” and in some cases this is true if you look at the ticket price. But for those who are clever and work out just how much you can pay for on a holiday, the ticket price represents fantastic value for money, especially if the company really does deliver on its promises. This is where Scenic Tours comes into it’s own in a competitive market.


In fact one of my team has recently written about Scenic Tours inclusivity. If you click here you can read Dan’s blog which tells you everything you need to know about the value of a Scenic River Cruise.

Scenic have challenged my clients to leave their wallet at home and trust the Scenic Tours promise and test their ability to deliver a river cruise tour that is cash free. That is quite some statement but if you want a 5 star river cruise fully inclusiveScenic Tours is my recommendation. View our cruises – click here

Solo Travellers

In fairness a number of cruise lines do offer nil supplement fares for solo travellers, but there is one in my opinion that has a structure and ethos that’s sits perfectly for this category - TAUCK.


A family business of over 90 years – slightly more than my business which is a 4th generation of over 55 years. In the words of TAUCK – “Traveling solo with us doesn't mean traveling alone; it means camaraderie, traveling with like-minded individuals who have chosen their Tauck river cruise for the same reason you did – enjoying the spirit of travel and exploration, and sharing special experiences on our European river cruises that create lifetime memories.”

Solo cruisers enjoy no single supplement in Category 1 cabins on all European River Cruises.

Tauck Directors and Cruise Directors treat every guest as an individual and look after each guest’s needs, which allows solo travelers to feel secure and looked after from the day they arrive to departure. After all… they, too, are solo travelers themselves!

However, TAUCK is top end and if your budget doesn’t quite stretch this far, look no further than Great Rail Journeys.

With some outstanding deals for people travelling solo, Great Rail is the popular choice and there is always someone on hand to assist you with your transfers.

If you are more price consciousGreat Rail Journeys is my recommendation.

If you want the ultimate in personal service and tours with much smaller more intimate groups – TAUCK is my recommendation.

Luxury & Personal Attention to Detail

Attention to detail cannot be underestimated when you are a paying premium for any product and TAUCK are the experts in this field when it comes to river cruising. You only have to look at their brochure or speak to one of our team about TAUCK to appreciate just how good they are at making you feel special. Their tour groups are small and personal, their business is a family business of over 90 years and the time they spend in researching unique experiences in the destinations they feature becomes apparent from the moment you embark on a TAUCK holiday.


Thankfully, RiverCruising.co.uk has first-hand knowledge of TAUCK and it is a philosophy that we endorse and believe in. This is no corporate high roller holiday, it is for those who place a real emphasis on the value of their relaxation time, their time away from work and the ability to unwind knowing that every detail is being taken care of by their hosts.

This is TAUCK at its very best and for this reason when it comes to Luxury & Personal Attention to Detail – TAUCK is my recommendation. 


There is so much more I could talk about in terms of my opinion of “Best At” and I will be taking a look at the more light hearted yet practical reasons for picking a river cruise line in my blog “More of the Best River Cruise Lines” coming soon...

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Come back soon. Phil Nuttall - MD - RiverCruising.co.uk