Best Bites on the River

Hungry? You definitely will be after this! Here at River Cruising, we know that travel is as much about the tastes and smells as it is about the sights and sounds. That’s why we’ve put together this list of truly great foods from our top river cruising destinations. It’s in no particular order – after all, how can you rank tastiness? Let’s tuck in…


Germany is a carnivore’s paradise. Germans are masters of sausage, cured meat and raw pork (quite the delicacy!) but one of the most popular German foods actually has its roots in Austria. Schnitzel may have been born in Vienna, but it’s taken on new life in Germany.


Cologne is one of our favourite stops on our Rhine river cruises, where you’ll find schnitzel in all its forms: from the classic Wiener Schnitzel, a breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet, to the horseradish-infused Münchner Schnitzel.

While stopped off in Cologne, why not hit some foodie hotspots right on the river?

Cologne Schnitzel Map


While Germany was busy perfecting Vienna’s Schnitzel, Austria was busy doing its own thing: being the undisputed king of pastries. Warm apple strudel and cream is probably Austria’s greatest culinary contribution to the world – and it’s nothing short of divine.


For best results, real fresh cream is advised (not that canned whippy variety). While not strictly on the river, the café set atop the hills of Schoenbrunn Palace is one of the best places to enjoy this tasty treat with a view.

Vienna Strudel Map


Hungarian food is much more than the “meat and potatoes” simplicity that’s often assumed of it, but goulash (a dish comprising meat and potatoes) is on a new level of tasty, warming satisfaction.


Goulash ranges from a thick stew to a soup in some variants, but it’s always flavourful and filling. If you’ve never tried goulash and feel adventurous in your own kitchen, it’s pretty simple to make – but for the real deal, try it in Budapest on one of our Danube river cruises.

Budapest Goulash Map


Switzerland is famous for its fine food, especially when it comes to chocolate and cheese. Perhaps the greatest Swiss celebration of cheese is the mind-blowing cheese fondue. A throwback it may be, but can anyone really argue with gooey, melted cheese?

Cheese Fondue

Make sure you brush up on your fondue etiquette: remember to twirl that cube of bread to avoid any unwanted drips and spills before it makes its way to your taste buds. If you’re out and about in Basel, why not hit one of the top fondue spots?

Basel Fondue Map

Slovakian Dumplings

Simple but mouth-wateringly delicious, these potato-based dumplings are warm little pillows of yumminess. If you’ve never tried them, there’s no better time than now – and no better place than the land of the savoury dumpling (if you don’t count China, that is).

Slovakian Dumplings

If potato and cheese haven’t piqued your interest, we’re sure the addition of cubed bacon will. While you’re cruising the Danube, Bratislava is a stop you won’t forget any time soon, especially if you’re sampling the local delicacy.

Slovakian Dumplings Map