Beautiful Budapest: A True River Cruise Hotspot

Budapest is one of Europe’s most dramatic and stunning cities. People from around the world have been travelling to the iconic Hungarian capital for centuries to stroll along the Danube and take in the stunning architecture. As one of the world’s great cities, Budapest is a must visit destination.

It is incredibly easy to love (and fall in love in) Budapest. This city is comprised of two cities, Buda and Pest, separated by the majesty of the River Danube. These cities are connected by many monolithic bridges, but they each have their own activities and culture.

Travelling to Budapest on a river cruise is truly one of the most romantic and exciting ways to arrive. River cruises to Budapest are some of the most popular on the continent, and we have to agree.

If you take a river cruise to Budapest this summer or fall, make sure that you check out our top things to see and do in this stunning city.

Take a dip in the thermal baths

Budapest Thermal Bath

Tourists and locals alike love to spend time in Budapest’s countless thermal baths. No matter what the temperature outside, they are heated to a lovely minimum of 27 degrees.

Europe’s largest medicinal thermal bath is Széchenyi. Don’t miss this immense Neo-baroque building, home to many indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and steam rooms.

Take in the views of Pest from the Fisherman’s Bastion

Budapest Fishermans Bastion

If you want to experience some of the best views of the city, you need to visit the Fisherman’s Bastion in Buda. Head to the funicular located directly across from Pest, near the Chain Bridge and take it to Buda Castle. (You can also hike up the hill to avoid the fee, but you need to be quite fit!)

Once you are atop the hill, head to the Fisherman’s Bastion to take in stunning views of Houses of Parliament, the Chain Bridge, and city of Pest.

Have a slice of cake at Cafe Ruszwurm

Budapest Castle District

While it is placed firmly on the tourist track, nothing beats Café Ruszwurm for old world charm. Ruszwurm is one of the oldest cafes in Budapest, and it survived both world wars. If you want to truly experience the Hungarian coffee house culture, you need to order to seven layer cake – dobostorte.

See the jaw-dropping interiors of St. Stephen’s Basilica

Budapest St Stephens Basilica

If you like to take in the local sights, don’t miss a visit into St. Stephen’s Basilica. This grand church is set in the centre of a grand courtyard, a perfect place for an impromptu photo shoot! Marvel at the interiors, dripping with gold and bedecked with kaleidoscopic paintings and stained glass.

Stroll across the Chain Bridge

Budapest Chain Bridge

No trip to Budapest would be complete without a stroll across the iconic Chain Bridge. This suspension bridge was constructed under the supervision of Scottish engineer Adam Clark, and it was completed by 1849. This is the first permanent bridge spanning the Danube, and it continues to be one of the most beloved symbols of Budapest.

Shudder at the House of Terror

Budapest House of Terror

It is easy to spend time in this vibrant city today and forget that for many years it was behind the so-called ‘Iron Curtain.’ An afternoon spent at the House of Terror will soon jog your memory. Located in the former headquarters of the secret police, this fascinating museum chronicles the crimes of the secret police and the Stalinist regime. Truly chilling.

Visit the Parliament Building

Budapest Parliament Building

The 1902 Parliament was designed by Imre Steindl and it will blow your mind and please the senses. Home to 691 rooms, you can take a guided tour of just a few of these in the North Wing. Be on the look out for the Golden Staircase, the Domed Hall (home to the Crown of St. Stephen), the Grand Staircase and the Congress Hall.

As you can see, there is so much to see and do in Budapest. Consider a river cruise on the Danube for your next holiday – your itinerary could also include Vienna, Bratislava and more. Happy river cruising!