10 Facts About River Cruising

River Cruising has grown anormously in popularity over the last 5 years, and now more and more holiday makers are keen to sail some of the World's most beautiful waterways! If you're considering joining them, check out our top 10 facts about river cruising!

1. No Seasickness

Danube River

You can forget about motion sickness on a river cruise! The vessel will not be sailing into open oceans and so there are certainly no large waves to worry about! And if that isn’t reassuring enough, the vessels are designed with flat-bottoms, ensuring a smooth and pleasant journey along the river!

2. Visit Places Ocean Cruises Can’t Reach


The smaller size of a river ship enables them to dock in locations unbeknown to an ocean ship. River vessels dock right in the heart of some of the world’s greatest cities and towns which means you can literally walk straight off the vessel and into town.

3. Ever Changing Scenery

Iron Gates Danube

First of all, you’ll always have a view of land because river cruises do not enter open waters, and with a new port of call every day comes more breath-taking scenery; from hillside vineyards to medieval castles, you really can expect postcard perfect scenery! And even if there is a full day of cruising, it will be a day of scenic cruising through some of the world’s most spectacular valleys!

4. Less Crowded – More Intimate

Ama Reina

Most river ships accommodate between 140-200 guests, some even fewer… much less than the average cruise ship which holds roughly 2000+ guests. And although the vessels are smaller in size, on average the space-per-guest ratio is higher.

5. Make Friends for Life

Ama Prima Dining

The smaller size of the ships and the fewer amount of guests on board means that you generally get to know more of your fellow guests. Most river cruise lines operate open-seating dining and so you’ll get to know guests over dinner as well as during organized tours and shore excursions.

6. Personal Service

Avalon Waterways Staff

Because of the fewer guests and staff on board, the service feels more personal. The waiters and bar tenders learn your name and you become familiar with the staff on board! From the moment you embark you are truly looked after -  the staff literally cannot do enough for you; the attention to detail you receive from the highly trained staff is outstanding!

7. Included Shore Excursions & Tours

Uniworld Excursions

River Cruise itineraries feature a fantastic variety of complimentary tours; taking you to some of the world’s most famous landmarks! What’s more… most river cruise operators will provide guests with a couple of options at each port of call – choose the right river cruise and your options could include city tours by foot, cycling tours, cookery classes and more!

8. Included Gratuities

Avalon Waterways Waiter

You may have come across gratuities and tips on your past ocean cruises – well, great news – on many river cruises your gratuities are included in the upfront price of the cruise! The specifics vary by river cruise line, but the gratuities often cover restaurant staff, bar staff, room attendants and sometimes even tour guides, coach drivers and pre/post-cruise hotel staff.

9. Zero Single Supplement

Avalon Waterways Stateroom

This is by far one of the most emotive subjects we are asked by clients and fortunately some river cruise lines are now offering zero single supplement on many of their itineraries! Which river cruises offer zero single supplement? Tauck, Riviera Travel, Emerald Waterways, Ama Waterways, Avalon Waterways. That’s not to say zero single supplements are available for each and every itinerary, but certainly for selected dates!

10. Luxurious Accommodation

Scenic Royal Suite

Never been on a river cruise? Not sure what to expect from the staterooms and cabins? To many peoples’ disbelief, the staterooms on board are spacious and contemporary; often compared to that of a modern hotel room. Plus, within most staterooms are luxurious amenities such as a flat-screen TV, bath robes, slippers, a refrigerator, internet access and other ‘hotel style’ amenities. Accommodation will vary by river cruise operator but most ships have a choice of stateroom, from a picture window to a step-out balcony and suite – all varying in size.

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