Tauck European River Cruise Review

Prior to this trip I did not know much about Tauck.  I knew they were luxury and also that they were at the high end price wise. After a few days aboard Tauck’s ms Treasures, I now understand the true value of Tauck and all that the company strive to achieve.

Tauck is a family owned and more importantly, family operated company since 1925. Arthur Tauck senior took his first tour of just 6 people. He placed an advert in the paper and promised a tour that would be a holiday of a lifetime but one requirement was "no grumps or complainers". This tour was a resounding success. 90 years later, Arthur Tauck Junior, at the tender age of 83, still plays an active role in the Business. Every Thursday he will get up and wait for the guest satisfaction surveys to hit his email account at 0500 hrs.  He will read everyone. If he notices something that seems to have a pattern he will instigate changes.

Tauck is all about providing life-changing experiences. For this to happen Tauck rely on providing quality and using Integrity. They also have partnerships which is fundamental in providing the truly memorable experience.  It is all about the little things that differentiate Tauck from other tour operators.  Tauck do not do ordinary. Tauck will surprise and delight you. Through their partnerships Tauck will take you around the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel. Great you say, how is that different? Tauck will take you on a private tour around this wonderful venue after hours and there will be approximately 30 people only. Not fighting with all the crowds, you will be the only ones in the Sistine Chapel, giving you a great opportunity to take photos!

Vienna Dinner

Images taken during our evening at Prince Edwardo Palavicini's Palace.


In Vienna, River Cruises will take you to the Hofburg Palace for an evening of Culture along with a few hundred other people. Tauck will take to you to the Palace Palavicini where Prince Edwardo Palavicini still resides; the Prince will invite you into his home, host a delicious meal for you in the beautiful Ball Room and you will be immersed into an evening of Culture, wonder at the Music of Strauss, Mozart and Beethoven, admire your own private ballet and be delighted by the wonderful voices of the Operatic duets. This is all achieved through Tauck’s Partnerships and Family Values. 

Durnstein Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in Durstein.


My Tauck experience was wonderful from start to finish. The little things are all taken care of. On Tauck you have the benefit of a Cruise Director as well as 3 Tour Directors. The Tour Directors love their job and are passionate about travel and the places they take you. They will bring these destinations to life and ensure that you are surprised and delighted along the way. No queuing, no paying for public conveniences. Surprised with a visit to a little cafe where the family still make the Bratislavan Bagal to the original recipe that gave birth to the Bagel as it is known today. Delighted by a souvenir of Paprika left on your pillow from the visit in Budapest. Nothing is too much trouble and the Tour Directors will go out of their way to ensure you a wonderful experience. Plus with Tauck there are no hidden surprises - You pay one up-front fee and everything is included.


Gill and Sinead with Chain Bridge, Budapest.


Tauck also have other wonderful products to experience as well as River Cruise. They offer Tauck Bridges; aimed at families (Grandparents, Parents, Children), these bespoke tours are offered to enrich the whole family. For the Children there will be scavenger hunts, cooking activities and arts/crafts and chocolate making, all of which are a big hit! Great tours for the whole family to share and make everlasting memories.

Tauck will also take you on small ship cruising, again through their partnerships, with the likes of Windstar and Pennant. Land Tours, Culturious, Events.


What does a Tauck Customer look like?

Someone who loves to enrich themselves in the destinations they are visiting whilst leaving all their worries at home.
Solo travellers - there are No single supplements on ALL departures.
Someone who wants to travel with other like-minded travellers.


Below you will find a quick slideshow of the photos i took along the way.

A massive thank you to Tauck for taking such good care.

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