Avalon Expression Tulip Time Review

Out and about on the Dutch Waterways and the Rhine with our intrepid travellers, Susan & Sinead on board Avalon Waterways - Avalon Expression. Sinead and Susan have put together regular updates of their experience with Avalon.

Hi there, we have boarded Avalon Expression on her Tulip Time cruise which just so happens to be her first cruise of the season and my very first river cruise. My journey started with the home pick up service to take you to your local airport. Home pick up service is included in every cruise package with Avalon Waterways if you are travelling inside 75 miles of the departure airport / Eurostar. Once I landed in Amsterdam I made my way to the Avalon Waterways representative who took me to a local hotel (Movenpick next door to the cruise terminal) before we boarded the ship later that afternoon. Once on board the ship I checked in and went straight to our cabin where both mine and Susan's suitcases were waiting for us. Later on in the early evening we had mandatory safety exercise and Welcome Reception where the Cruise Director introduced the Captain & his staff. After this we then went onto to have our dinner. There is a wide selection to choose from and you can have up to 4 courses at once. After dinner there was some on board entertainment which you could enjoy whilst having a drink. We all retired to bed early as we had had long days due to travelling. There are late night tea & coffee facilities that you can drink in the lounge or take back to the cabin with you. These are included in your fare. One of, if not the highlight of our Tulip time cruise has to be a visit to the Keukenhof Gardens - this was our next stop! We boarded our coach and headed off. Once we arrived at the Keukenhof Gardens, we had an hours free time to walk around and admire all the different beautiful flowers & tulips. As you would expect, the gardens are very well maintained and manicured by the ground staff. The beginning of April is the best time to visit the Keukenhof Gardens as all the flowers & tulips are in full bloom. There is also a boat trip available which offers a guided tour if you want to try something different. The weather was fantastic which does help, so it's back on board the coach for the journey back to the ship. This afternoon we set sail to Kinderdijk where we take a trip to see the windmills & pumping stations before our on board lecture about the Dutch Waterways & Delta Works.

That's all for now, but there's more to come with amateur photo's of the ship and the places we visit. Sinead x