Ama Waterways' Ama Sonata Review

Our clients have just returned from a ‘Dutch Bulb Fields’ river cruise on board Ama Waterways’ newest vessel, Ama Sonata! It was their first time on a river cruise and say they had an amazing time!

The lady has a particular interest in the history of Europe’s waterways and was ever so pleased to tick many things off of her list of things to see and do.

The both of them say the food was excellent, typically 7 course meals in the evenings with plenty of wine flowing! In fact, they had to stop the waiters from topping up their wine a few times!!

They found Ama Waterways’ excursions extremely interesting and intuitive and have returned from their trip a little wiser.

There were roughly 5 other British couples on board, the guests were mainly American with perhaps another 8 or 9 nationalities, they found everybody great company and made new friends along the way!

We are proud to say that our clients thanked us for everything we did for them, in her own words ‘You’ve done us proud and we will certainly be coming back to you in the future’.

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Come Back Soon. Jess -