APT Luxury Voyage River Cruise Review

We booked our clients on an APT Luxury Voyages river cruise on board AmaVista and they have returned having had a wonderful time on board.

It was our clients first ever river cruise and so it was crucial that we offered our expert and honest advice to ensure they had a great time!

Here’s what our clients had to say about their first time experience on a river cruise…

'‘From the private-chauffeured car collecting us from our home on the morning of our departure, to the return chauffeured transfer taking us back home at the end of our holiday… we could not fault a single thing with APT.

We were told the ship had 120 passengers on board, 118 Australian and 2 British (ourselves) – we became somewhat of a novelty on board, even the cruise director asked how and where we had booked our cruise as we were the only British aboard. At the beginning of the cruise all of the Australian guests raved about how good APT are & having returned, we completely agree!

The tours that were all included were brilliant, some tours even included wine or various bread tastings. On board there were also various opportunities to taste local foods!

We highly recommend APT and we will certainly be booking another APT River Cruise in the future’'.

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