Tauck Reconfigure Jewel Class Vessels

Tauck Luxury River Cruise

Luxury river cruise line, Tauck, are completely refurbishing their 5 Jewel Class ships through 2017- 2018!

Included in the refurb will be new staterooms, upgraded amenities and a new dining venue on board!

First up are sister ships, Swiss Emerald and Swiss Sapphire, both currently sailing French Waterways. Scheduled to be ready for the 2017 seas, these sister ships will have 30, 150-square foot staterooms replaced by 20 larger 225-square foot staterooms. Tauck’s already high space-guest ratio is about to increase!

In addition to the larger staterooms, all Jewel Class ships will feature a new secondary dining venue, Arthur’s – named after the founder of Tauck, Arthur Tauck Sr. – replacing the current Bistro on board. The new venue is a casual dining alternative to the fine dining Compass Rose restaurant.

The remaining three Jewel Class river ships, Swiss Jewel, ms Espirit and ms Treasures, will be refitted durin the winter of 2017/2018 – ready to sail in time for the 2018 season!

Dan Maha, CEO of Tauck explained “From day-one our approach has always been to limit passenger capacity, and by doing so, to provide a more intimate, club-like atmosphere and more spacious cabins for our guests,” he said. “The launch of our Inspiration Class ships took that approach to a new level, and with the re-envisioning of our Jewel Class vessels, we’re putting them on equal footing with our (newer) Inspiration Class ships.”



Going forward, Tauck will refer to its ships collectively as the Tauck Destination Fleet, reflecting the company’s emphasis on providing its guests with a vastly superior destination experience, said Mahar.  “We absolutely believe that we have the finest riverboats in Europe, and with the reconfiguration of more than half of our ships, we’re continuing to invest heavily in order to maintain our leadership position,” said Mahar. 


“That said,” Mahar continued, “we feel that our riverboats are essentially an elegant and supremely comfortable means to an end; a way for us to deliver an incredibly enriching and memorable experience within each destination we visit.  The behind-the-scenes access to exclusive cultural experiences we provide, the expertise we’ve developed leading award-winning land tours for more than 90 years, the knowledge and service delivered by our Tauck Directors and local guides… they all combine to create an unmatched land experience for our guests.”


Members of the RiverCruising.co.uk team were lucky enough to travel onboard ms Treasures recently - you can find out all about their Tauck experience here.

If you want to know more about Tauck or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with our award winning experts on 0800 810 8229!