Avalon Suite Ships Open Air Balconies

This is a great example of what some river cruise lines are doing to make themselves stand out from the crowd and we at RiverCruising.co.uk like this from Avalon Waterways. Avalon, has taken a radically different approach to stateroom design than other cruise lines. They state that they don’t want to compromise or cut corners. Although I do not think other cruise lines have poky cabins or lovely suite accommodation, I understand why Avalon are making a lot of noise about the Suite Ships. They have designed their Suite Ships® with an attention to detail bringing innovation, imagination and a relentless desire to create a smart use of space to their one-of-a-kind Panorama SuitesSM. And that means a more comfortable, more relaxing, more enjoyable river cruise for our clients. Here's an image taken from Avalon which shows clearly the size of the opening available to clients in the suites.

There is also a great illustration of how different their suite staterooms are, we’re comparing them to the typical river cruise balcony cabin.

standard river cruise ship balcony

Avalon has designed a wall made of window, which gives you a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall view. It’s the largest standard window in river cruising. More than 30% larger than the others. And it opens up to some of Europe’s most awe-inspiring views. Avalon have even thought about the chairs! This smallest of details ensures your views from anywhere in your stateroom are unobstructed. They made the chairs low profile enough to not block your view and they designed your suite table to slide down all the way when you aren’t using it. Small things that make a big difference.  

Image of Avalon Suite Ship open balcony

The point that Avalon is making is that in the average cabin, the view from the bed never changes (if you are looking forward). You’re looking at the same scene throughout your voyage: the wall. Meanwhile, outside your window, breathtaking views of the European countryside are passing by. This is where the idea was born. Avalon had a better idea. "Let’s turn the bed so it faces out the giant window." And to do that they angled the wall behind the bed, which had two other benefits: it opened up the stateroom to give you more space, and it opened up the bathroom behind the wall to give you a more spacious and bathroom. More space and a better view.

If this really floats your boat and you would like more details about Avalon Waterways new Suite Ships, please call the RiverCruising.co.uk team. We'd love to help you.