Crystal Clean+ — Confidence Anchored By Care

New measures introduced on Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler & Crystal Ravel.

Return to Crystal 2.0 — Crystal understands that relationships are built on trust. With your continued trust in mind, Crystal have applied their exacting attention to detail across all of their new safety measures. So while their touch may remain (intentionally) unseen, Crystal deliver nothing less than total transparency in all matters regarding your health and wellness. With more than 30 years of cruising to the far reaches of the world, Crystal has a long tradition of implementing and maintaining exceptional standards for health and safety at sea. To further protect the Crystal Family they're introducing Crystal Clean+, a stringent set of health & safety protocols and measures to meet the unique challenges posed by Covid-19. The company is tackling this with science and innovation and in accordance with the latest data and recommendations by health experts.

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PRE-BOARDING — A declaration of safety

Before you arrive for your Crystal River Cruise, you are required to enter Crystal's secure online portal, and sign your Declaration of Safety—which gives Crystal a true picture of your health, telling them exactly what you need to travel in confidence and safety.

  • Additional precautionary steps taken in the weeks, days and hours prior to boarding will help streamline and safeguard the embarkation process for all guests and crew
  • Guests will check in online and complete health questionnaire & will receive assigned arrival time to minimise congestion


EMBARKATION & DISEMBARKATION — Vigilance aboard & ashore

Prior to boarding, all luggage will be disinfected offshore. Crystal always complies with all local health authority regulations for safe pre-boarding and disembarkation screening.

  • Before boarding the ship all guests will undergo temperature check & must complete a second health questionnaire
  • If you show signs of illness when you arrive you may be denied boarding
  • Depending on ports of embarkation/disembarkation, additional measures and precautions may be required



With Crystal, each guest gets an abundance of personal space, which is unrivaled in cruising. Crystal Clean+ goes that extra mile, ensuring there are fewer guests per square foot.

  • Crystal's ships are designed to offer nearly double the space per guest of similar-sized ships
  • There will be reduced capacity in all social spaces
  • You will be required to social distance outside of your travel party


GUEST ACCOMMODATIONS — Purified to perfection

Every corridor, suite, plus bathrooms, cabinets and closets will undergo daily disinfection with medical-grade, anti-microbial, non-toxic cleaning agents.

  • Before you arrive, all suites will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with medical-grade disinfectants, approved for use against Covid-19 and other infectious diseases
  • On embarkation day, electrostatic foggers will be used as an additional tool for disinfection
  • Timely removal of food items from suites to prevent spoilage and cultivation of microorganisms and bacteria
  • Timely housekeeping turnover; bedsheets and linens professionally cleaned and disinfected at high temperatures


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SOCIAL SPACES — High-frequency purification

Crystal Clean+ mandates virtually every inch of all public areas will be scrubbed to spotless perfection and disinfected with medical-grade anti-viral and anti-microbial oxidant foggers.

  • Onboard social spaces, public areas and touchpoints such as handrails, elevator buttons, table-tops, door handles, etc. will be disinfected with increased frequency during peak hours and meticulously disinfected with medical-grade cleaning agents during overnight hours
  • There will be strategically placed hand-santising stations throughout the ship
  • All recreational equipment will be disinfected with increased frequency



Crystal's ships are designed with a 100% fresh air supply to all suites and public spaces, so there is no air recirculation built into the design.

  • All Crystal River ships feature HEPA filters that remove 99.95% of airborne pathogens
  • All air filters and cooling coils are frequently checked and maintained to ensure the highest standard of air quality possible


MASKS & FACE COVERINGS — Responsive mask policy

Crystal will constantly be reassessing mask policies in response to best practices recommended by epidemiologists as well as compliance with the policies of local governments.

  • Crystal will provide masks to guests and crew
  • Masks will be required in venues and instances where proper distancing is not possible
  • Crystal will comply with all local health authorities, which may require masks ashore


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CREWMEMBER STANDARDS & PRACTICES — Regular health monitoring

Under Crystal Clean+, the captains and crews are temperature-tested daily, tested for COVID-19 before boarding and monitored for even the most minor symptoms. Crystal Clean+ will ensure that our crew members remain healthy and at their best to deliver the very best experiences for our guests.

  • Crew are trained on health and safety preventive measures & will follow proper hand washing practices at all times
  • Designated crew may also wear protective garments and eye protection if required & crew transfer between ships will be minimised
  • Crew are prohibited from personal contact with guests such as hand shaking, hugging or kissing


FOOD & BEVERAGE — Contactless dinging

To eliminate person-to-person contact, the Crystal dining experience will be carefully presented, but still maintaining the delicious and elegant experiences that their guests enjoy.

  • Guest seating will ensure ample spacing & open seating will continue with social distancing considerations
  • In-suite dining options will be available 24/7, contact-free dining service will be implemented in all onboard venues & all self-service options will be eliminated
  • Increased hand washing and use of hand sanitising stations will be required
  • All restaurants, bars and galleys will be disinfected with increased frequency & stringent procurement guidelines will be enforced



Crystal is working closely with all shoreside partners to ensure that Crystal Clean+ protocols extend to guests' experiences ashore.

  • Crystal will only visit safe, open ports of call, which may cause changes to the itinerary. Additional health screenings may be required by local health officials before disembarkation in certain ports
  • Tour coaches, which are exclusive to Crystal River Cruises’ guests only, will be disinfected to meet Crystal Clean+ standards
  • Crystal will monitor port regulations and adjust requirements and schedules as needed to maintain guests' health and well-being, with excursion group sizes being reduced to help allow for proper social distancing
  • Crystal recommends that guests who choose to book tours independently consider that these operators may fall short of the disinfection standards that Crystal requires of their partners


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By always being close to shore, river ships are treated like land-side hotels. Crystal will follow all local healthcare guidelines and practices and will facilitate care for guests with local hospitals and doctors.


SHARED RESPONSIBILITY — Crystal's safety pact

With Return to Crystal 2.0, safety is, of course, a two-way street and as you journey on together Crystal are asking that all guests commit to common-sense precautions including not traveling when sick, washing your hands frequently, covering your nose when you sneeze, and avoid touching your face or having any unnecessary personal contact.


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