Cruise With Confidence With Emerald Waterways

The world may have changed, however, Emerald Waterways commitment to the guest experience and their health, safety and wellbeing, as well crew health and safety, will always remain their key priority.

Emerald Waterways are working closely with local and international Government Health agencies and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), to ensure their protocols exceed all of the latest regulatory requirements. Their Health & Safety Steering Committee oversees all health and safety policies and training, ensuring you can travel with complete confidence that your wellbeing and safety are taken care of to the highest standard. In addition, Emerald Waterways are implementing the most recent insights and technologies, with their Emerald Cruises team dedicated to exceeding the levels of cleanliness required in today’s travel climate. Scenic are continuously updating their protocols to safeguard both the health, safety and the experience of you, their valued guests. You will be informed about these important procedures, well in advance of your journey departure, which may include the following information and guidelines below.

Emerald Cruise


  • Medical Evaluation & Test — You are required to complete a pre-departure medical health evaluation, to ensure that guests are safe and well before their journey. During the phased embarkation process you, and your fellow passengers, will be tested for COVID-19 by a medical specialist. This will allow you to relax with complete peace-of-mind when you board their Star-Ships, in the company of other like-minded travellers.



  • A Dedicated Team — A first-class level of service from the Captains, Hotel Managers, Cruise Directors, and their exceptional teams is a given during your time travelling with Emerald Waterways. You can enjoy the same exciting program of on board and on shore experiences, tailored to smaller groups to allow for safe social distancing. The team will be readily available to ensure every detail of your journey is memorable, for all the right reasons. They will ensure health and safety protocols are followed on a daily basis.
  • Healthy Crew — All crew will have daily temperature and health checks and will be regularly tested for COVID-19. They will also be trained and regularly briefed on all aspects in preventing COVID-19 amongst themselves and guests. 



From the moment you arrive, Emerald Waterways expert crew will guide you through their enhanced protocols, ensuring you are completely at ease.

  • Contact-Free Check In & Check Out — Through a phased embarkation you will be able to arrive and depart from your Space-Ship smoothly and with safe social proximity in mind. Plus, Emerald Waterways have adjusted the various touchpoints of your journey, allowing you to check in and check out in a completely contact-free way.
  • Briefings & Screenings — Medical experts will host mandatory briefings and screenings, designed to ensure that all guests and crew are healthy, and also offer an opportunity to allay any concerns or ask any questions you may have about their safety protocols. 


Emerald Cruise


At Emerald Cruises, the guest experience will always remain at the heart of everything they do. In addition to their long-standing exceptional level of service on board, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Cleaning Commitment — The on board crew will be increasing and enhancing the already frequent and high standard cleaning protocols in public areas and suites, leaving surfaces and spaces spotless. With additional care and attention will be paid to high contact zones, such as communal restrooms and dining facilities.
  • Socially Aware Dining — Emerald are adapting and redesigning their on board food and beverage service to ensure extra care is taken in order to minimise social contact. You can expect the same delightful dining experiences, savouring a choice of dishes inspired by regional cuisine and local produce, with their food being served a la carte or via served buffets.
  • Contact-Free Movement — The spacious surrounds of their Star-Ships in combination with the low guest numbers provide ample room for you to relax, allowing for an abundance of personal space. Contact-free hand sanitiser dispensers will be readily available in all public spaces and guest corridors on board, whilst automated doors and contact-free guest servicing will minimise the number of touchpoints.
  • Air Circulation — Emerald Star-Ships are equipped with air circulation systems. These systems ensure there is no re-circulation of inside air on board the ship. When you are relaxing in your suite you will be breathing air from outside the ship that is channelled directly to your suite, and the air will be released from your suite directly to the outside.



  • Smaller Groups & Social Proximity — Discovering the local culture of your destination is the highlight of every river cruise. To enhance your sightseeing, you can utilise the digital headsets, which will act as your personal tour guide and travel map. You will also travel in smaller groups, allowing for a more intimate travel experience, whilst respecting social proximity and destination specific regulations.



  • Carefully Selected Local Partners — Emerald are working closely with their local partners, as well as enhancing their health and safety protocols on board and with their crew. Emerald have forged long-standing relationships with their local partners, all of whom have been carefully selected for their expertise and high levels of service, and are committed to ensuring your safety. They will receive extensive training to adhere with their enhanced protocols.
  • Wellness Throughout Your Journey — Your wellbeing is Scenic's number one priority, both during your time on board and on shore. Journey to and from your destination with complete peace-of-mind. All transport vehicles will be equipped with hand sanitiser and will undergo deep cleaning after every journey, surpassing the high industry standards required. You can also rest assured that we will monitor social proximity, allowing you to travel safely, with plenty of personal space.


As you can see, Emerald Waterways are committed to making sure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. They will be continuously reviewing and updating their protocols and guidelines as new information becomes available, to ensure that all guests can travel safely in the many destinations that they operate in.