Amadeus Health & Safety Protocols

How we holiday has changed, but river cruise lines like Amadeus River Cruises are going above and beyond to make sure you, your family and fellow passengers can have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

The Amadeus Health and Safety measures for the planned restart of river cruises in Europe have been established in cooperation with “IG River Cruise” and “CLIA”, as representatives of the industry and are based on the currently available guidelines of the European commission as well as on the regulations of the individual countries involved. Amadeus are convinced that in spite of the current situation, they will still be able to offer all passengers a memorable cruise experience and can assure you that their crew on board will, without exception, make every effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Amadeus Health & Safety


Social Distancing

  • There must be a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between each person
  • Passengers are required to wear face masks in public areas onboard if the required minimum distance is not possible



Health Questionnaires

  • Everyone will receive Health Questionnaires before the start of their cruise, which have to be completed and certified without exception. This ensures that only passengers who meet the requirements outlined in the questionnaire will start their cruise
  • Passengers will be asked about their well-being and health regularly

Health of the Crew

  • All crew members receive a medical examination before they come on board and are only allowed to work on board if they test negative for Covid-19 and if the test is not older than 4 days
  • Continuous health checks and body temperature measurements will be administered for the crew while working on board
  • All crew will be provided with an adequate amount of protective personal equipment such as face masks/face shields, disposable gloves, etc. and will receive detailed instructions on how to use this equipment effectively


  • Access to the cruise ship will be controlled by a crew member at the entrance & all passengers have to pass a contactless body temperature check before embarkation. Passengers with a body temperature of 37.5° degrees or higher will be denied boarding
  • All luggage handles will be disinfected in front of the ship before being delivered to the cabins by the crew
  • All passengers and crew are required to disinfect their hands each time prior to boarding the ship
  • Proper social distancing between passengers at check in at the reception desk will be observed



  • Cleaning intervals for surfaces that are known as transmission platforms such as door handles, railings, gangways, key-boards, etc. will be increased
  • Hand sanitising points will be installed in all areas on the ship & all cleaning and disinfecting products used on board have been specially rated by the individual manufacturers as being effective for the successful disinfection of coronaviruses
  • An adequate supply of personal protective equipment such as face masks are available on board. However, you are encouraged to bring your own face masks
  • The air conditioning system is designed to discharge air to the outside of the vessel which prevents a re-circulation of air within the vessel & fresh air ventilation will be increased
  • Shared items and objects will be reduced to a minimum or will not be offered until further notice


Amadeus Restaurant


General Rules

  • Maximum of 4 passengers per table (families are excepted from this requirement) 
  • Passengers accommodated in the same cabins will share a table



  • The continuation of buffets will be dependent on the number of passengers onboard
  • Waiters will serve the passengers the chosen items from the buffet
  • A la carte items such as cooked to order eggs during breakfast are always available and will be served



  • Panorama Bar — Beverage service will be provided exclusively by the waiter. This includes the afternoon tea, which may be offered in two seatings. Bar snacks will be served to passengers individually instead of being shared with others
  • Amadeus Club — The “24-Hour-Coffee station” (if available) will still be accessible in compliance with the hygiene standards. Board games, playing cards, books, etc. will not be available until further notice.
  • Sun Deck & River Terrace — The generous dimensions of the outdoor areas do not require specific restrictions as long as the required minimum distancing guidelines between passengers are observed
  • Elevator — The use of the elevator (if available) is still possible. However, wearing a face mask while in the elevator is mandatory
  • Massages, Hairdresser & Fitness Room — These services can be offered, while hygiene standards as well as health and safety guidelines have to be observed. Advance reservation at the reception is required



  • Shore Excursions will be organised in accordance with the local rules and regulations. These may vary depending on the country and can also differ for group sizes and maximum participation for guided tours and visits. In order to guarantee minimum distance requirements between participants while on excursion, the usage of wireless audio guides is mandatory



If a passenger displays symptoms possibly related to COVID-19, an emergency plan specifically developed for this situation will be activated:

  • The affected passenger will immediately be isolated in a designated cabin and has to consent to staying isolated and avoid contact with others until the arrival of a physician and/or health authorities
  • Crew members on board who supervise this cabin will be equipped with the necessary personal protection equipment
  • Under the supervision of the AMADEUS-Health Care Officer, a preliminary diagnosis utilizing a COVID-19 rapid test will be performed
  • After initial evaluation of the test result and if required, local health authorities will be notified. As the cruise line, we have already assembled comprehensive health infrastructure information for each port along our itineraries in order to immediately arrange medical services for Passengers and Crew, if necessary. A return to the ship after possible illness detection is only allowed with a doctors note and certification of no illness (COVID-19).


Amadeus Sun Deck

As you can see Amadeus have gone above and beyond to make sure your cruise will be as safe and enjoyable as ever! We have some fantastic deals right now, view them online or call our team on 0800 810 8229